Driving business growth
through a diligent, focused
investment strategy

Invest in market-leading companies in the auto component sector

SF Holdings’ primary focus has been strategic investments in the auto component industry, backed by the TSF group’s century-long expertise in the sector. We’ve constantly been evolving sound investment strategies that enrich investors while nurturing forward-looking businesses. SF Holdings is listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSE).

Our Key Investment

1960 to 1980

Wheels India, Lucas TVS, Brakes India, Sundaram Clayton, IMPAL

1981 to 2000

Axles India, Turbo Energy, Sundaram Dynacast,  Transenergy Pvt Ltd

2001 to 2010

Delphi TVS, Sundaram Business Services Ltd, Dunes Oman LLC

2011 to Present

Sundaram Composites, Mind s.r.l. Italy

2001 to 2010

Sundaram Composites, Mind s.r.l. Italy

2001 to 2010

Sundaram Composites, Mind s.r.l. Italy

Sundaram Finance Holdings is a CIC of TSF Group

The TSF Group has a rich legacy of Trust, Value and Service. With global supply chains, a diversified portfolio and a strong customer connect, the group’s expertise spans the automotive and financial services sector. As an exempted core investment company of the group, SF Holdings has delivered consistent results


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Global Talent Strength


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Branches Across Entites

Flagship brand of TSF

Sundaram Finance Holdings draws on and contributes to the TSF Group as its specialist investment company.

Strategic Investment Focused

All our investments are based on data-backed research and objective assessments.

Sector-specific focus

We draw on the group’s extensive experience in the auto component sector to make insightful investment decisions.

Proven performance

Our investment strategies have consistently offered excellent, verifiable results.

Leadership team

Sri Harsha Viji Chairman
Sri R. Venkatraman Independent director
Ms Sripriya Kumar Independent director
Sri Srivats Ram Non-Executive director
Sri Ananth Ramanujam Non-Executive director
Sri Sriram Viji Non-Executive director
Ms Priyamvada Ramkumar Independent director
Ms Shobhana Ramachandran Independent director